Town of Moultonborough, New Hampshire
ph: (603) 476-2347
Permit Fees
Code Enforcement Permit Fees
As of spring 2006

Demo Permit (Using Building Permit Application)
Permanent Signs
Temp. Signs
Septic Designs
Oil Burner      (permit from fire dept.)        
Tree Cutting    (CSPA)
plan of first 50’ from lake (no fee)
Building        unheated / unfinished spaces    
.11 cents per square foot
Heated / finished spaces
.22 cents per square foot
Minimum fee

Building permit fees are calculated from the exterior dimensions of the structure. Only the calculations done by the Code Enforcement office are accepted. All fees rounded to the dollar.

Fines for working without a permit - A fee based on the schedule below:

For working without a permit, a fee of two (2) times the cost of the permit, plus the cost of the permit will be assessed.

Donald E. Cahoon
Code Enforcement Officer
January 31, 2014